Customer Testimonials

Thanks Gigi.  You have consistently been so kind and helpful.  I might decide to transfer over anyway, even if it costs me a bit more.  I am in Seattle on Monday, but will be back by early afternoon.  Have a good weekend.  November 2013


Thanks Ian.  You guys are so good I can’t say how much I appreciate your work.  April 2013


Wow!  Thank you Gigi.  I am now even MORE happy that I stick with you.  Thank you for your help and always the sweetest.  February 2013


Gigi, the service provided by the company and your agency for the above claim was timely, efficient, professional and more than just satisfactory.  My expectations were totally met by your agency and by the adjuster, Mr. Rick Marceau.  There is little I can suggest to improve the service and it’s quality.  Thank you for asking.  October 2012


Dear Sirs, I would like to thank you for your prompt and professional handling of my recent claim.  When the accident occurred, I assured the other party not to worry as I had excellent insurance, Safeco.  Your subsequent treatment of her and the claim verified this statement.  Everyone involved, the office staff at Islander’s Insurance, the agent Mary Wade, and the adjuster Amy Chang promptly took care of everything.  Again, thank you, I feel reassured that I chose your company to take care of my insurance needs.  I will be spreading the word to family and friends to choose Safeco.  October 2012



Please pass on my thank you for the exceptionally fast response to my recent claim for roadside assistance.  Although the circumstances were unique and actual assistance was not practical, the claim was handled very effectively.  From my initial contact with you through the interview with the underwriter and several follow up calls from your office and the underwriter, I felt that the matter was being handled professionally, expeditiously, and with a care and concern that is rare today.  My thanks and appreciation to all involved.  You set a very high standard.  September, 2012
Thank you Gigi and Jodi for all of your help and patience.  September 2012
Good morning Jodi.  Due to some “major” problems with my old school “dumb” phone, I have been unable to retrieve any voicemails and noticed that you had tried to contact me.  Over the course of the last few days I did some research into getting renters insurance and was able to find a policy through another company that seemed to be a good fit for that and my car.  At this point in time, and because I no longer live on the island, I would like to let my policy with Mutual of Enumclaw expire, but I would also like to Thank You very much for your great customer service and help over the last few years.  You really are a true asset to the insurance business and such a pleasure to deal with.  I hope you have a wonderful, fun summer and thanks again for all you do.  Take care.  July 2012
Dear Ian,
My excuse this time is that I’ve been sick and in the hospital two times.  Now I’m catching up on correspondence.  Thanks for helping me out again.  May, 2012
We were very pleased with the Safeco claims experience.  Response was fast and fair.  The claims adjuster was efficient and helpful in recommending “Servepro” and that service was satisfactory in all respects.  No “horror stories” to relate to friends.  Thanks.  May, 2012
Gigi,….you basically saved our butts!  Thank you so very much.  May, 2012
Dear Ian,
Thank you so very much for all of your hard work on my behalf.  I am so sorry for leaving you and Enumclaw Insurance.  I learned my lesson, I won’t do that ever again.  Thank you so much (April 2012)

Hi Ian, Thanks for everything. You have been awesome! I really appreciate all your help over the years. I have printed the form and will get in the mail tomorrow.  Thanks again.  (2012)


K, blowers seem to be doing the job; everything associated with the insurance response has been more than one could reasonably expect; thanks to you and your guys. (2012)


Gigi, Thanks so much for your letter closing my claim for a lost hearing aid. As usual, you folks are on top of things in a most pleasant manner for me. This last experience compels me to say how delighted I have been with your office and Safeco over the many years we’ve been together. I know it is a complicated process and involves many people, all of whom, in my experience, have shown interest and compassion combined with efficiency and timeliness.  Thanks.   (2012)


Hi Gigi,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an invaluable employee you have in Jodi.  I have been a customer for years and at times not an easy one at that and she continually goes above and beyond to assist me.  I have recently moved and I consciously chose to stay with Islanders Insurance instead of switching to an agent close to me because of the assistance she routinely provides me.  She is always so professional and accommodating and does everything with such a positive attitude.  If there is any special acknowledgement that can be given to her, I think she really deserves it.  Thank you for your time, A very satisfied client. (2011)


Anyway, in a world where many employees are happy to help but mainly there for the paycheck, it sure seems that Jodi is two cuts above the rest.  Keep her!  If I weren’t retired and if she moved to Bellevue, I’d try to hire her away from you.  Thanks for the excellent service. (2011)


Kerwin & Gigi,

My father lives on Lopez and has had his insurance with you folks for many years.  Monday, I had my first opportunity to interact with you and wanted to tell you what an attentive, efficient and forward thinking employee you have in Jodi Logsdon.  I was inquiring about how to get my father’s three insurance policies on autopay and Jodi whipped into action.  She figured out what I needed, took information, called Allstate for the mechanics, and has diligently kept me informed about the process.  (2011)


Mary, Hopefully this will wrap things up. You and Jodi brightened my day. (2010)


Hi Gigi,

First off, you are wonderful and thanks again for your time on your day off.  Our phone numbers have changed and our old number is no longer ours.
Take care and give Jodi our best.  (2010)
Hi Gigi,
I just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for doing such a great job of handling this claim for my mom!  It was so frustrating trying to get info out of Safeco at times and it was so wonderful to have you there to help and take care of things, even if they were not your responsibility.
You’re the Best!  (2010)
Dear Kerwin,
Thanks so much for arranging this for me – it feels good to have a local business handling this and being available, knowing about local conditions, all that.
Let me know if there’s anything else I need to do.  I hope you have a wonderful, warm season. (May 2010)
Here is the last installment.
Just wanted to say thanks for keeping High Standard Company in business.  This has been the most difficult time I have faced.  Cut throat competition, economic crash, saturated labor market, home & shop fire, etc., but I am still in business!  Thanks for everything. (2010)
Dear Ian and Company,
Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us.  I promise we don’t take it for granted.  The service you all have provided to us is way above and beyond what’s expected or even normal.  So, a big THANK YOU to you!  P.S. – We love our new home. (2009)